Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Punk In London Film Documentary

The Clash and some of punks most important bands. Directed by German filmmaker Wolfgang Buld, this is a unique visual record of London punk life in the late seventies. Filled with unseen live footage and some incredibly naive comments. Punk in London is so loaded with history and brilliance that you can almost smell the energy!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

American Graffiti

Rock & Chips Only Fools & Horses

Set in the 1960s, Joan Trotter is in an unhappy marriage with the work-shy Reg, with whom she has a teenage son, Derek ("Del Boy"). However, the reappearance in Peckham of bank robber, "art connoisseur" and womaniser Freddie Robdal, recently released after a ten year prison sentence, would bring about changes in Joan's life. Rock & Chips centred on the relationships between the glamorous Joan Trotter, Del's useless father Reg, the safe-cracker Freddie Robdal and the young Del Boy. It featured teenage incarnations of some of the original show's regular characters, including Boycie, Trigger, Denzil, and Jumbo Mills. The Trotter family haven't yet moved into their flat in Nelson Mandela House, but the are some recognisable settings such as the mean streets of Peckham and the Nag's Head circa 1960.

Due to copyright issues some music tracks have been removed.

Jim Croce - Operator (live)

The Gonads - Joys Of Oi

The Gonads - Infected

English Rose - England Belongs To Me

Monday, 11 January 2010

Sham 69 - The Best Of


Borstal Breakout
Rip Off
No Entry
Leave Me Alone
I'm A Man I'm A Boy
Sunday Morning Nightmare
Questions & Answers
Hurry Up Harry
If The Kids Are United
Hersham Boys
Red London
Tell Us The Truth
They Don't Understand
Evil Way
I Don't Wanna
Cockney Kids Are Innocent

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