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    Published By: Laurence Date: October, 20 2012 Genre: Reggae
    The late sixties witnessed the development and rise to musical dominance of Reggae, with this new, dynamic style rapidly usurping the more languid sound of Rock Steady, which had reigned in Jamaica since 1966. Early Reggae recordings were noted for their tempo and energy, but by the early seventies, the tempo has slowed significantly, with the mellow vibe commonly associated with the sound gradually established.

    In more recent years, the inaugural, high-energy version of the genre that acquired a strong and dedicated following among Britain's original Skinheads, has become accepted as a sub-genre of its own, with the style acquiring the label, 'Boss Reggae'.

    This aptly-titled 2CD set highlights 40 of the most popular and sought-after tracks in the style, and with 18 of the tracks new to CD, this is most definitely the Boss of all Skinhead Reggae collections!

    Priced at just £4.99, 'Trojan Presents Boss Reggae' is released on 29th October, along with two more titles in the popular range, 'Trojan Presents Mod Ska' and 'Trojan Presents The Producers', with copies of all three available now for pre-order from the Trojan shop.

    DISC #1:
    1. Reggae Hit The Town - The Ethiopians
    2. A Live Injection - The Upsetters
    3. John Jones - Rudy Mills
    4. River To The Bank - Derrick Morgan
    5. Drink Milk - Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
    6. Rhythm Hips - Roland Russell
    7. Sufferer - The Kingstonians
    8. Reggae In The Wind - Lester Sterling
    9. Strange - Dobby Dobson
    10. Throw Me Corn - Winston Shand & The Sheiks
    11. How Long (Will It Take) - Pat Kelly
    12. Worries (A Yard) - The Versatiles
    13. Rich In Love - Glen Adams
    14. On Broadway - Slim Smith
    15. Love Was All I Had - Phyllis Dillon
    16. Hang 'Em High - Richard Ace
    17. Loving Reggae (aka My Love And I) - The Maytones
    18. Come Into My Parlour - The Bleechers
    19. Walking Proud - Martin 'Jimmy' Riley
    20. Liquidator - Tommy McCook & The Supersonics

    DISC #2:
    1. Moon Hop - Derrick Morgan
    2. Red, Red Wine (extended version) - Tony Tribe
    3. Moon Walk - Sprong & The Nyah Shuffle
    4. Reggae In Your Jeggae - Dandy
    5. Music Box - The Big L
    6. Too Experienced - Owen Gray
    7. Black Panther - Sir Collins & The Black Diamonds
    8. Jungle Fever - George Lee
    9. Rocco - The Rudies
    10. My Love And I - Millie
    11. Dog Your Woman - Patsy & Peggy with The Cimarons
    12. Ghost Rider - Musical Doctors
    13. Pack Of Cards - Nat Cole
    14. Revenge Of Eastwood, Vers. I & 2 - The Prophets
    15. Lead Them - Desmond Riley
    16. Memory Of Don Drummond - Don Drummond Jnr.
    17. No More Heartaches - The Coloured Raisons
    18. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - Gene Rondo
    19. Queen Of The World - Lloyd & Claudette
    20. Leave Pum Pum - Pama Dice


    1. Posted 22 October 2012 at 22:54:27
      Great to see The Coloured Raisins 'No More Heartaches' (B Side of their only single, a cover version of 'One Way Love') get a release on CD.
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