Saturday, 27 September 2014

Barbara Vine - A Fatal Inversion / A Dark Adapted Eye / Gallowglass [1992-1994] (UK Region 2 PAL Format DVD) (Brand New & Sealed)

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Available on DVD for the first time in one stunning box set, three excellent adaptations of the work of Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendell).


A Dark Eye Adapted (1994): Based on the true story of Vera Hillyard, one of the last women in Britain to hang for murder. A Dark Eye Adapted is a dark and brooding tale of a seemingly close-knit suburban family whose facade of normalcy hides the murderous sibling rivalry.

Gallowglass (1993): A European aristocrat's wife, already the victim of one kidnapping attempt, endures round-the-clock protection when another plot looms.

A Fatal Inversion (1992): A tragic summer, long forgotten by four friends, returns to haunt the now estranged group when the body of a young woman and a baby are uncovered in the pet cemetery on an ancestral estate. Price Including Shipping $39.94 
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