Saturday, 27 September 2014

Birds of a Feather - The Complete ITV series 1 (UK Region 2 PAL Format DVD) (Brand New & Sealed)

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It has been nearly 15 years since we last saw the fabulous Chigwell Three but their wit and charm has not diminished during that time. So where are the girls now? As the series begins, we catch up with the ladies who are currently living separate lives. Tracey (Linda Robson), who is no longer with Darryl, has recently divorced her money grabbing second husband and is living with her 17 yr. old pampered son Travis (Charlie Quirke), who has aspirations of becoming a barrister. Sharon (Pauline Quirke), meanwhile, barely exists in a tiny flat/hovel, which leaves a lot to be desired, spending her days working at Essex's leading "everything's a pound" chain, World of Quid. And Dorien (Lesley Joseph) what can we say? She is trying to maintain her caviar cougar lifestyle having written the best-selling erotic memoir "60 Shades of Green" under the alias Foxy Cohen. But with an impending court case, Dorien finds herself needing a roof over her head. Against her better judgment, Tracey offers Sharon and Dorien a place to stay. With an already full house, her son Garth (Matt Willis) unexpectedly returns from Australia with a girlfriend and stepdaughter in tow. Join three generations of the family again - proof that for Sharon, Tracey and Dorien, Essex really is the only way.

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