Thursday, 5 March 2015

We'll Meet Again - Britain In World War 2 - The People's Songs Documentaries

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We'll Meet Again - Britain in World War II

Beginning an epic new series charting the history of modern Britain in 50 records, Stuart Maconie considers The Force's Sweetheart, Vera Lynn, and her own musical part in the fight against fascism. We hear from those who lived through WW2 - both those serving in the Armed Forces and those on the Home Front - and discover the significance of music during the war years and how it kept the force's spirits up whilst comforting those waiting anxiously at home. Some families were further strained and stretched because not only were the men fighting overseas, but the children had been evacuated to the safer confines of the countryside. And yet in London and industrial towns like Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, life went on defiantly despite the attentions of the Luftwaffe.

And whilst the Nazis over-ran Europe and crept ever closer to the UK, the Americans entered the fight against fascism. Not only did the Americans bring their sheer weight of numbers and their superior weaponry, they also brought with them their music and a colourful, glamorous presence. Some resented them, but many were enthralled; particularly children, who were more than happy to receive some of the abundant sweets the Yanks seem to carry with them everywhere.

Throughout the hardship, the poverty, the rationing, the nights in air-shelters, the loss of home and lives, music kept the British people going.

What are your memories of Britain in this remarkable era? What role did music have to play for you and your family at the time? The People's Songs wants to hear from you...

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