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New Miserable Experience

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New Miserable Experience
Studio album by Gin Blossoms
ReleasedAugust 4, 1992
RecordedArdent Studios,
Memphis, TN
GenrePower popjangle pop,[1]alternative rock
ProducerGin Blossoms,
John Hampton,
Gin Blossoms chronology
Up and Crumbling(EP)
New Miserable Experience
Shut Up And Smoke (EP)
Alternate cover

Re-release cover
Singles from New Miserable Experience
  1. "Lost Horizons"
    Released: 1992
  2. "Mrs. Rita"
    Released: 1993
  3. "Hey Jealousy"
    Released: June 1993
  4. "Until I Fall Away"
    Released: August 1993
  5. "Found Out About You"
    Released: November 1993
  6. "Allison Road"
    Released: 1994
New Miserable Experience is the breakthrough album by rock band Gin Blossoms, released on August 4, 1992. The album was released to little fanfare and relatively lackluster reviews. However, nearly a year after its release the lead single, "Hey Jealousy", entered the top 40, with "Found Out About You" following a few months later. The album eventually reached multi-platinum status.
The band's guitarist, Doug Hopkins, was fired near the conclusion of the recording sessions for the album, ostensibly for his persistent alcohol problems. His replacement, Scott Johnson, is listed as a member of the band in the liner notes, but did not play on the album. Just as the album was becoming a success at the end of 1993, Hopkins committed suicide.
New Miserable Experience's initial release had completely different packaging. The album's original cover artwork depicted the Arizona desert. Songs on the album, such as "Mrs. Rita", a song about a local psychic from the Gin Blossoms' hometown of Tempe, Arizona, were also written with references to the area, people and events surrounding the band at the time. The majority of the songs rely on a melody-driven pop style while the final track, "Cheatin'", leans into country music. The album was re-released in late summer 1993, in conjunction with A&M's newfound support of the album. To celebrate the album's tenth anniversary, a deluxe edition containing an extra disc of demosouttakes and live performances was released by the label in 2002.



Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lost Horizons" (Doug Hopkins) – 3:20
  2. "Hey Jealousy" (Hopkins) – 3:56
  3. "Mrs. Rita" (Jim Swafford, Jesse Valenzuela) – 4:25
  4. "Until I Fall Away" (Valenzuela, Robin Wilson) – 3:51
  5. "Hold Me Down" (Hopkins, Wilson) – 4:50
  6. "Cajun Song" (Valenzuela) – 2:56
  7. "Hands Are Tied" (Valenzuela) – 3:17
  8. "Found Out About You" (Hopkins) – 3:53
  9. "Allison Road" (Wilson) – 3:18
  10. "29" (Valenzuela) – 4:18
  11. "Pieces of the Night" (Hopkins) – 4:33
  12. "Cheatin'" (Hopkins, Valenzuela) – 3:25

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[2]
Chicago Tribune2/4 stars[3]
Rolling Stone(favorable)[4]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide3.5/5 stars[5]
The Village VoiceC+[6]
Rolling Stone praised the album, saying it "sounds both fresh and highly personal."[4] AllMusic called the album "a tight and lean collection of brilliant, edgy pop music."[2]

Chart performance[edit]

Album - Billboard (North America)
The Billboard 20030
Singles - Billboard (North America)
1993"Hey Jealousy"Mainstream Rock Tracks4
The Billboard Hot 10025
Top 40 Mainstream20
"Found Out About You"Mainstream Rock Tracks5
Modern Rock Tracks1
The Billboard Hot 10025
Top 40 Mainstream6
"Mrs. Rita"Mainstream Rock Tracks36
1994"Until I Fall Away"Adult Contemporary23
Mainstream Rock Tracks40
Modern Rock Tracks13
Top 40 Mainstream13
"Allison Road"Mainstream Rock Tracks20
Modern Rock Tracks39
1995"Found Out About You"Adult Top 4038


Gin Blossoms[edit]

Additional Personnel[edit]


  • Producers: Gin Blossoms, John Hampton
  • Engineer: John Hampton
  • Assistant Engineer: James "Left Of" Senter
  • Mixing: John Hampton
  • Mastering: George Marino
  • Art direction: Barrie Goshko
  • Design: Barrie Goshko
  • Photography: Jay Blakesberg, Robin Wilson
  • Crew: Jim Coleman, Scott Guess, Mike Chappell
  • Recorded at: Ardent Studios (Memphis, TN), except: "Allison Road" and "Mrs. Rita", recorded at: AB Recorders (Phoenix, AZ) By: Andy Barret
Original 1992 release:
  • Art direction and design: Rowan Moore
  • Photography: Dennis Keeley
  • Radiator: Kelly Ray

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