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Slade Alive, Vol. 2

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Slade Alive, Vol. 2
Slade - Slade Alive, Vol. 2 album cover.jpg
Live album by Slade
Released27 October 1978
ProducerChas Chandler
Slade chronology
Whatever Happened to Slade?
Slade Alive, Vol. 2
Return to Base
Slade Alive, Vol. 2 is the second live album by the British rock band Slade. It was released on 27 October 1978 and did not enter the charts.[1] Titled as the follow-up to the band's commercially and critically successful 1972 album Slade Alive!, the performances on Slade Alive, Vol. 2 were taken from the band's Autumn 1976 tour of the United States and their Spring 1977 UK tour.[2] The album was produced by Chas Chandler.




Having returned from the US in late 1976, Slade found the UK music business much changed from when they had left in 1975 to try and crack the American market. Punk rock had exploded to become the dominant influence on youth culture and the music press. Despite Slade's reputation as one of the great high energy bands of their day, in this environment Slade had become irrelevant. Regardless, Slade were determined that they were now a better live act than ever and refused to call it a day. Their 1977 album Whatever Happened to Slade was a commercial failure and on their UK Spring tour, the band found they could no longer fill large venues.
By 1978, the band continued to suffer from a lack of commercial success. Despite being successful at filling small venues for their live performances, the band's new records were barely selling. With the band's new output no longer being released on Polydor Recordsbut instead on manager Chas Chandler's label Barn records, singles such as "Burning in the Heat of Love", "Give Us a Goal", "Rock 'n' Roll Bolero" and "Ginny, Ginny" were all chart failures. In the hope their live reputation would translate to success when released on record, the band would release Slade Alive, Vol. 2 in October 1978. However, it too was a commercial failure and Slade would only regain popularity after performing at the Reading Festival in 1980.[3][4]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea except "My Baby Left Me" by Arthur Crudup.
1."Get on Up"6:01
2."Take Me Bak 'Ome"4:19
3."My Baby Left Me"2:41
5."Mama Weer All Crazee Now"3:58
6."Burning in the Heat of Love"3:45
8."Gudbuy T'Jane"4:58
9."One Eyed Jacks with Moustaches"3:24
10."Cum On Feel the Noize"4:20

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[5]
Record Mirror3/5 stars[6]
Superpop[7]4/5 stars
Upon release, Record Mirror reviewed the album and wrote: "This album, while patchy, confirms my opinion that they could still have something going for them... enough to make this record a worthwhile, if not exactly essential purchase, and enough possibly, to get the group back on an even keel. Their big problem, however, the one I cant seem to see a solution to, is the same old one of material: the oldies are still way the best. Slade are essentially a live band, no matter how good their records are, they'll never match up. All they will ever be are plastic souvenirs of a great live show." Superpop commented: "Slade have been one of the busiest live bands on the scene recently and this LP shows exactly what is actually going on. Somewhat unknown today seems very strange, but times change and believe it or not Slade have. Slade present us with a neat little package. One complaint though, they did not include their recent single "Rock 'n' Roll Bolero", a classic no doubt, oh well, we can't expect too much can we?"[8]
AllMusic retrospectively said: "Slade Alive, Vol. 2, like all live Slade, is searing. Unfortunately, it was released into a void in 1978. The album is excellent, both in terms of performance and sound quality. They also did a great job of selecting material for this disc. A nice balance of classics and newer material that hadn't really been heard before. Slade has by this point developed into a full-fledged heavy metal band while retaining everything that made them great in the first place. A very strong outing that got the band nowhere. The tastes of the fickle public cannot be predicted, so Slade just continued to do what they did best. Make rock & roll records, and annihilate eardrums whenever they played."[9]


Additional personnel
  • Chas Chandler - producer
  • Alwyn Clayden - design (cover)
  • Alex Agor - photography
  • Alan Goldberg - Stage Lighting

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