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Carpenters - Lovelines (1989)

Lovelines - Carpenters


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Lovelines (Carpenters album).jpg
Studio album by Carpenters
Recorded1977–1982 at A&R RecordingNYCA&M StudiosHollywood and Kendun Recorders, Burbank
ProducerPhil RamoneRichard Carpenter
Carpenters chronology
An Old-Fashioned Christmas
As Time Goes By
Lovelines is an album by Carpenters, released in 1989. That same year, Richard Carpenter decided to release an album of unreleased Carpenters tracks along with selected solo tracks by his sister, Karen (from her then-unreleased solo album).[1]
The Carpenters' songs were mainly from their television specials. "When I Fall in Love" was originally recorded in 1978 for their TV special, Space Encounters. However, they chose "Little Girl Blue" for that special instead, and later used "When I Fall in Love" in their Music, Music, Music! TV special in 1980. Other outtakes included "Kiss Me the Way You Did Last Night" and "The Uninvited Guest" from Made in America, the studio album released in 1981 and the last completed during Karen's lifetime.
Lovelines was also the last Carpenters album to be issued in the vinyl LP format.
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars link
Rolling Stone3/5 stars link



Track listing[edit]

Side One
  1. "Lovelines" (Rod Temperton) – 4:28
  2. "Where Do I Go from Here?" (Parker McGee) – 4:24
  3. "The Uninvited Guest" (Buddy Kaye, Jeffrey M. Tweel) – 4:24
  4. "If We Try" (Temperton) – 3:42
  5. "When I Fall in Love" (Edward HeymanVictor Young) – 3:08
  6. "Kiss Me the Way You Did Last Night" (Margaret Dorn, Lynda Lee Lawley) – 4:03
Side Two
  1. "Remember When Lovin' Took All Night" (John Farrar, Molly-Ann Leiken) – 3:47
  2. "You're the One" (Steve Ferguson) – 4:13
  3. "Honolulu City Lights" (Keola Beamer) – 3:19
  4. "Slow Dance" (Philip Margo, Mitchell Margo) – 3:35
  5. "If I Had You" (Steve Dorff, Gary Harju, Larry Herbstritt) – 3:57
  6. "Little Girl Blue" (Lorenz HartRichard Rodgers) – 3:24


"Honolulu City Lights"
  • US 7" single (1986) A&M 8667
  1. "Honolulu City Lights"
  2. "I Just Fall in Love Again"
"Honolulu City Lights"
  • Japan CD single (1986) A&M 8667
  1. "Honolulu City Lights"
  2. "Slow Dance"
"If I Had You" (issued as a Karen Carpenter solo)
  • US CD single (1989) A&M TS 1471
  1. "If I Had You"
  2. "The Uninvited Guest"
  • JP 7" promo (1989) SSP-75
  1. "If I Had You"
  2. "Lovelines"
"When I Fall in Love"
  • PH 7" single (1989) AM-90-133
  1. "When I Fall in Love"
  2. ??


Four selections from Carpenters: The 12 Compact Disc Collection
  • UK CD promo (1989) SAMP1989
  1. "You're the One"
  2. "(They Long to Be) Close to You"
  3. "Goodbye to Love"
  4. "Merry Christmas Darling"

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