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Stuart Henry

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Stuart Henry 

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Stuart Henry (24 February 1942, Edinburgh - 24 November 1995, Luxembourg) was a disc jockey on pirate radio station Radio Scotland, then BBC Radio 1 from its start in 1967. Between 1967 and 1969 he was one of the regular presenters of BBC's Top of the Pops. He left the BBC in 1974 to join Radio Luxembourg.[1]
Henry married his wife Ollie, a former model, in 1976. He subsequently suffered for many years with multiple sclerosis and he worked through his illness until he became too ill to broadcast, being assisted on air during his later years by Ollie, the illness accounting for his later distinctive rather halting speech delivery. Ollie dedicated the remaining years of their married life to providing round-the-clock care for Henry.[1]
On 2 December 2004 he was posthumously inducted into the Radio Academy Hall of Fame, honouring his outstanding contribution to UK radio.

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