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Ranking Miss P

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Ranking Miss P

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Ranking Miss P (real name Margaret Anderson) is a British radio presenter, born in London to Jamaican parents.
After leaving school, Miss P was studying to become a teacher, but instead was persuaded by her brother DJ Lepke to start broadcasting on his community radio station, Dread Broadcasting Corporation (DBC), the first black station in Europe.
In 1983, Miss P was approached by BBC Television to compose and perform visual promotional trails and the theme song for their weekly magazine programme Ebony.
On 31 March 1985 she began presenting a weekly reggae show on BBC Radio 1 on Sunday nights. It was Radio 1's first ever show dedicated solely to reggae music, and Miss P was one of the station's first black presenters. Her entire show on the 12 May 1985, was a tribute to the life and music of Bob Marley.
She went on to present a programme called Riddim and Blues on BBC London 94.9 on Saturday nights, in which she played a wide variety of black music. She has two sons and a daughter.
Both DJ Lepke (real name Leroy Anderson) and Ranking Miss P are the younger siblings of Bob Marley's wife Rita Marley.

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