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Motorhead - No Remorse

No Remorse (Motörhead album)

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No Remorse
Motörhead - No Remorse (1984).jpg
Compilation album by Motörhead
Released15 September 1984
GenreHeavy metal, hard rock
Length83:34 (Original) (1984)
103:34 (Reissue) (2005)
LabelBronze (Worldwide) (1984)
Mercury (North America) (1984)
Castle (1996)
Sanctuary (2005)
ProducerVic Maile
Motörhead chronology
Another Perfect Day
No Remorse

Singles from No Remorse
  1. "Killed by Death"
    Released: 1 September 1984
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic5/5 stars[1]
Robert ChristgauA−[2]
No Remorse is a compilation album by the band Motörhead, released 15 September 1984, covering their years under contract with Bronze Records and including four newly recorded tracks.
This is the last album the band made for Bronze Records, and the first to feature the new and consistent line-up of Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Würzel, and the short lived involvement of Pete Gill on drums.



After touring in support of their 1983 LP Another Perfect Day, guitarist Brian "Robbo" Robertson and drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor left Motörhead and eventually decided to form the band 'Operator' together. It had been Taylor who had suggested Motörhead hire Robertson to complete the Iron Fist tour after "Fast" Eddie Clarke had abruptly quit. In the Motörhead documentary The Guts and the Glory Taylor explains:
"..I had a good talk to myself and thought, 'Well, maybe it's about time I move on,' you know. 'Cause I enjoyed playing with Robbo so much, maybe I'll get a band together with him, or something like that. I didn't really have a plan.."
In his memoir White Line Fever Lemmy reflects on Taylor's departure:
"..I hadn't been seeing much of Phil but I had been getting the impression that he wasn't really that keen any more. Although we didn't discuss his reasons for leaving the band, I think part of it was because he wanted to become a serious musician, or whatever it is people think heavy metal isn't which, if you ask me, is total bullshit...And our troubles with Brian Robertson aside, Philthy was one of the biggest Thin Lizzy fans in existence...There we were with auditions to do that day with two guitarists who had travelled from Cheltenham and Wales. Now I didn't have a drummer! But I have to admit, Phil was a gentleman about the whole thing...He did leave decently, unlike some of Motörhead's former members.."
Taylor informed Lemmy he was leaving shortly after Lemmy had decided to hire two new guitarists, the first being Phil Campbell, whose band Persian Risk had played shows with Motörhead, and Michael Burston, who had gained a reputation playing in Wiltshire clubs and pubs and received the nickname Würzel after the children's TV character Worzel Gummridge. Campbell suggested the band hire ex-Saxon drummer Pete Gill. Lemmy recalls that their trouble with Bronze started after Eddie Clarke left; the company did not like Brian Robertson, and without much faith in the new lineup, they preferred to do a compilation of the band's old songs. Lemmy said that was an indication that they were "readying the death knell" of the band and so he insisted the band record new material for it.[3] Between 19–25 May 1984, the new lineup recorded six songs at Britannia Row Studios, London: "Snaggletooth", "Steal Your Face", "Locomotive", "Killed by Death" and two different versions (lyrics and music) of "Under the Knife". Four of these songs concluded each side of the vinyl release.[3][4] The two versions of "Under the Knife" were released on 1 September 1984 as the B-side of the "Killed by Death" 12" vinyl pressing. "Killed By Death" became a mainstay in live performances since its release and, as with many Motörhead songs, the lyrics show Lemmy's skill at composing lyrics which can be, at the same time in some cases, menacing, tongue-in-cheek, political, satirical, advisory (especially about drugs) and prophetic. The band also made a video for the song which was banned by MTV. Lemmy took charge of selecting the tracks for the album and wrote a commentary about each song.


In addition to the usual cardboard sleeve, the original LPs were also available in a leather-effect sleeve which had silver on black artwork, completely reworked by Joe Petagno in much finer detail than the original with various differences (such as an iron cross). There was a cassette version released in a leather pouch with wording mimicking the Government Health Warning often found on a cigarette packet, about the contents being potentially damaging to the health. They also did a television advert for the album, which featured a brief medley of several songs before Lemmy's voice was heard to declare, "No Remorse... go out and get it!"
The band promoted the album with their No Remorse – Death on the Road tour, conducted between 24 October – 7 November 1984. They also made a live appearance on 26 October on the Channel 4pop/rock music programme The Tube, playing "Killed by Death," "Steal Your Face" and "Overkill." However, the programme credits came up during "Steal Your Face," which faded out as the broadcast concluded. "Overkill" would eventually be broadcast some 20 years later, during a retrospective Best of the Tube TV series.[4]
Motörhead would later record a song called No Remorse, which is on their Hammered album of 2002.


AllMusic review states:
"..There have been dozens and dozens of Motörhead compilations released over the decades, but the first one remains definitive, even if it's not perfect...No Remorse is to Motörhead what We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll is to Black Sabbath – an age-old collection that every metalhead seemed to own at some point, the one that seemed to define the band for generations on end. No Remorse is one of those classic albums, no doubt.."
In 2017, it was ranked 7th on Rolling Stone's list of "100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time"; the only compilation on the list.[5] Commenting on this choice for a band that never changed its formula, J. D. Considine said:
"It seems more fitting, then, to represent Motörhead with an anthology. No Remorse may offer 29 versions of what is essentially the same thing, yet every track is singularly amazing: the yelping, bad luck refrain to "Ace of Spades," the locomotive thunder beneath "Overkill," the live-wire guitar on "Bomber," the genius stupidity of "Killed by Death," or the amphetamine overdrive of the live "Motorhead" from No Sleep 'til Hammersmith. Sometimes, a good formula is all you really need."

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor except where noted.
Side A
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Ace of Spades" Ace of Spades2:48
2."Motörhead" (Live)KilmisterEdited version; No Sleep 'til Hammersmith3:37
3."Jailbait" Edited version; from Ace of Spades3:26
4."Stay Clean" Overkill2:42
5."Too Late, Too Late" (Live) The Golden Years (EP)3:14
6."Killed by Death"Kilmister, Michael "Würzel" Burston, Phil "Zööm" Campbell, Pete GillNew recording4:42
Side B
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
7."Bomber" (Live) No Sleep 'til Hammersmith3:17
8."Iron Fist" Iron Fist2:54
9."Shine"Kilmister, Taylor, Brian "Robo" RobertsonAnother Perfect Day3:11
10."Dancing on Your Grave"Kilmister, Taylor, RobertsonAnother Perfect Day4:30
11."Metropolis" Overkill3:37
12."Snaggletooth"Kilmister, Burston, Campbell, GillNew recording3:51
Side C
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Overkill" (Single version) Original version from Overkill3:18
2."Please Don't Touch" (Headgirl – Motörhead and Girlschool)Johnny Kidd, Guy RobinsonSt. Valentine's Day Massacre EP2:49
3."Stone Dead Forever" Bomber4:54
4."Like a Nightmare" B-side of No Class single4:28
5."Emergency" (Girlschool cover)Denise Dufort, Kelly Johnson, Kim McAuliffe, Enid WilliamsSt. Valentine's Day Massacre EP3:00
6."Steal Your Face"Kilmister, Burston, Campbell, GillNew recording4:31
Side D
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
7."Louie, Louie"Richard BerryNon-album single2:46
8."No Class" Overkill2:41
9."Iron Horse / Born to Lose"Taylor, Mick Brown, Guy LawrenceNo Sleep 'til Hammersmith3:54
10."(We Are) The Road Crew" Ace of Spades3:12
11."Leaving Here" (Live)Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Edward HollandThe Golden Years live EP3:05
12."Locomotive"Kilmister, Burston, Campbell, GillNew recording3:25
  • The original single CD issued – on Castle (CLACD 121) in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, and by Roadracer (RRD 9354) in North America – omitted "Louie Louie" and "Leaving Here" from the original vinyl and cassette release due to time restrictions. The complete album was reissued in Japan on 2CDs in 1991 (TECP-40687/88) and 1993 (VICP-40098~99)

1996 & 2005 reissues[edit]

The 1996 Castle and 2005 Sanctuary reissues, which contains all 24 songs, are notable not only for the addition of five bonus tracks, but also for using alternate mixes/edits of certain tracks, as noted below.[6]
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
3."Jailbait" (Album Version)Kilmister, Clarke, TaylorAce of Spades3:33
5."Too Late, Too Late" (Studio version)Kilmister, Clarke, TaylorOverkill (single)3:26
7."Bomber" (Album Version)Kilmister, Clarke, TaylorBomber3:43
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Overkill" (Album version)Kilmister, Clarke, TaylorOverkill5:12
7."Louie, Louie" (Alternate version)Richard BerryOverkill (Deluxe Edition)2:55
9."Iron Horse / Born to Lose" (Edit)Taylor, Mick Brown, Guy LawrenceEdited version; from No Sleep 'til Hammersmith3:48
13."Under the Knife (Slow)"Kilmister, Burston, Campbell, GillNew recording 1984 – Killed By Death 12" EP3:50
14."Under the Knife (Fast)"Kilmister, Burston, Campbell, GillNew recording 1984 – Killed By Death 12" EP4:34
15."Masterplan"Richie Stotts, Rod SwensonStand by Your Man EP2:55
16."No Class" (Plasmatics version)Kilmister, Clarke, TaylorStand by Your Man EP2:32
17."Stand by Your Man"Billy Sherrill, Tammy WynetteStand by Your Man EP3:06
  • The reissued 2CD versions have included the Stand By Your Man EP done with the Plasmatics, commonly thought of as the reason Clarke left the band. This is the only reissue of the full EP outside its original release in 1982, although 'Masterplan' and 'Stand By Your Man' have appeared on other compilations.
  • The 2015 2LP reissue of the album uses the 96/05 mixes, excluding bonus tracks.


  • Denise Dufort on drums on "Emergency" (Philthy had a broken neck at the time so contributes insults and abuse!)


  • Producers  Speedy Keen – producer (tracks: A2 and D3)
  • Jimmy Miller – producer (tracks: A4, A5, B7, B11, C2, C3, C4, and D1)
  • Vic Maile – producer (tracks: A1, A3 and D10)
  • Will "Evil Red Neck" Reid Dick – producer (tracks: B8 and CD2 15–17)
  • Tony Platt – producer (tracks: B9 and B10), engineer (tracks: B9 and B10)
  • Bill Laswell – producer (tracks:A6, B12, C6, D12 – CD2 13–14)
  • Jason Corsaro – producer (tracks:A6, B12, C6, D12 – CD2 13–14)
  • Eddie Clarke – producer (tracks: B8 – CD2 15–17)
  • John Burns – engineer (tracks: A2 and D3)
  • Ashley Howe – engineer (tracks: A2 and D3)
  • Trevor Hallesy – engineer (tracks: A4, A5, B7, B11, C1, C4 and D2)
  • Charles Harrowell – engineer (track: B8)
  • Bill Laswell – engineer (tracks: A6, B12, C6, D12 – CD2 13–14)
  • Jason Corsaro – engineer (tracks: A6, B12, C6, D12 – CD2 13–14)
  • Joe Petagno  Snaggletooth
NOTE: No Remorse does not list where tracks A6, B12, C6, D12 and CD2 13 and 14 were recorded in 1984, on any version to date so far

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